Arena Super Deck

The epitome of any global events

True to its name, the Arena Super Deck (ASD) is superb to say the least. With a weight loading capacity of up to 20kN/m2, the ASD’s installation process is a breeze and creates a perfectly level platform that gives us the ability to build modular buildings that are up to 4 storeys high based on a standard 5m × 5m grid.

The steel framed panel system’s flexibility allows for a variety of applications such as temporary stadium conversions, sporting arena, showrooms, grandstands, and various other temporary structures. Highly sustainable and modular, the ASD creates zero waste and environmental damage pre, during, or post event.

During the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Heavy Deck solution was used to simultaneously install over 30,000m2 of decking across three separate venues, including the temporary Equestrian Arena at Greenwich Park which is one of the largest venues outside of the Olympic Park. The world’s first IAAF approved stadium conversion at Scotland’s National Stadium, Hampden Park for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 was also completed using the ASD.


Panel Sizes: 2.5m x 5m | 2.5m x 7.5m | 2.5m x 2.5m | 1.25m x 5m
Sub-deck: Leg height can vary on any gradient from 0m to 5m
Buildings: Standard leg height at 3m with optional/bespoke 6m items


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