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We produce industrial buildings which are applicable for multiple industry for Ports, Shipping, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Maintenance Yards and various other industrial applications. We produce pre-engineered structures & bespoke designs to meet various applications and clients’ requirement. We produce a highest quality product with the highest quality services to meet the client’s requirement. We adhere and comply with international standards in our engineering and designs. We guarantee you the safety as well as stability of our structures.

We are able to build up to 10,000 Square feet of Structure Shaded in 10 hours. This structures are modular system and all parts are unique and interchangeable which provide easy setups in the fastest time possible. We can produce custom made structures as per the available space in customer’s yard which provides flexible options to our customers. Whether its temporary, semi-permanent or permanent structures, we will customized to your needs and also be able to fit in cooling devices to condition the air temperature.


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